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Shamima Begum Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Latest News, and More

Shamima Begum is a British citizen with Bangladeshi heritage, ventured into Syria to join the terrorist organization Islamic State at 15 years old. She attended Bethnal Green Academy in London before departing for Syria with two classmates in February 2015, earning them the moniker “Bethnal Green trio.”


Age- 24 years

Height-165 cm

Weight-54 kg

Born- 25 August 1999

Birthplace-United Kingdom

Spouse- Yago Riedijk (m. 2015)



Begum’s father is Ahmed Ali, while her mother’s name is not publicly known. She has siblings named Aklima Begum and Renu Begum.

shamima begum parents


Begum married Yago Riedijk after slipping into ISIL-held territory in northern Syria via Turkey in 2015.

shamima begum husband


During their time in the country, Riedijk and Begum had three children together. Tragically, two of them succumbed to disease or malnutrition, while the third, born after Begum’s capture by Western-backed forces, died of pneumonia.


Begum’s journey began with the assistance of an IS smuggler who reportedly had ties to Canadian intelligence. Within 10 days of her arrival, she married another IS member and tragically lost all three of her children at a young age. Reports from The Daily Telegraph suggest that Begum gained a reputation as an enforcer within IS and attempted to recruit other young women to the group.

In February 2019, Begum was found alive at the al-Hawl refugee camp in Northern Syria by war correspondent Anthony Loyd. The following day, British Home Secretary Sajid Javid revoked her British citizenship. Despite the belief that Begum held dual citizenship through her Bangladeshi parents, the Government of Bangladesh contested this assertion. Due to threats from other residents at al-Hawl, Begum was relocated to the al-Roj refugee camp for safety, where she continues to reside.

shamima begum career

Javid declared that Begum would never be permitted to return to the United Kingdom. However, in July 2020, the Court of Appeal ruled in favor of allowing Begum to return to the UK to properly contest the Home Secretary’s decision with legal representation. This decision was challenged and ultimately overturned by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on February 26, 2021.

In February 2020, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission deemed Javid’s citizenship revocation lawful on national security grounds. Begum appealed this ruling as well.

Net Worth

Shamima Begum’s net worth is  around $5 million.

Latest News about Shamima Begum

Shamima Begum loses UK citizenship appeal

The Court of Appeal’s decision means that the 24-year-old will remain in Syria, as the government had revoked her citizenship on national security grounds in 2019. Ms. Begum, who left London nine years ago at the age of 15 to join the Islamic State group, received a unanimous ruling from three appeal judges. While there’s a possibility of challenging the decision in the Supreme Court, her solicitor Daniel Furner stated that they are determined to continue fighting for her justice and safe return home.

shamima begum loses UK citizenship appeal

Despite this determination, the judges dismissed all of Ms. Begum’s arguments, which could significantly impact her chances of a successful appeal in the Supreme Court. Lady Chief Justice Baroness Carr acknowledged the potential harshness of the decision in Ms. Begum’s case but also noted the argument that Ms. Begum herself contributed to her own misfortune.

“But it is not for this court to agree or disagree with either point of view.

“Our only task is to assess whether the deprivation decision was unlawful. We have concluded it was not, and the appeal is dismissed.”

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