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Sebastian Kurz Bio, Age, Family, Partner, Career, Net Worth, and More

Sebastian Kurz is an Austrian ex-politician, held the position of Chancellor of Austria twice, first from December 2017 to May 2019 and then again from January 2020 to October 2021. Kurz hails from Meidling, Vienna, where he was born and raised.


Age- 37 years



Born- 27 August 1986

Birthplace-Vienna, Austria

Partner-Susanne Thier

Profession-Politician, Former Chancellor of Austria

Party: Austrian People’s Party

Nationality- Austrian


Sebastian Kurz’s parents are Elisabeth and Josef Kurz. His father works as an engineer, while his mother is a grammar school teacher.


Sebastian Kurz is in a relationship with economics teacher Susanne Thier, with whom he shares a son named Konstantin.

Sebastian Kurz partner


In 2004, Sebastian Kurz earned his Matura certificate, followed by completing compulsory military service in 2005.  He commenced his law studies at the University of Vienna.


Entering politics in 2003 with the Young People’s Party (JVP), Sebastian Kurz steadily advanced within the party’s ranks. His first government role came in 2011 as a state secretary responsible for integrating refugees. By 2013, he ascended to the position of foreign minister after the legislative election. Kurz’s rise continued when he succeeded ÖVP chairman Reinhold Mitterlehner in May 2017 and became the chancellor candidate for his party in the subsequent legislative election. He campaigned on a platform of modernizing Austria’s political and bureaucratic systems and addressing social and immigration challenges following the European refugee crisis. His charismatic leadership, perceived reformist stance, and youth contributed to his decisive victory.

Forming his first cabinet, Kurz chose to collaborate with the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). While he largely delivered on his campaign promises during his initial term, criticism arose regarding his leadership style, seen as uncooperative and hurried. Scandals, notably the Ibiza affair in 2019, led to the dissolution of the ÖVP–FPÖ coalition and Kurz’s removal from office due to a loss of parliamentary support.

Sebastian Kurz career

Following the 2019 snap election, Kurz returned to power, this time forming a coalition with the environmentalist Green Party. Inaugurated in January 2020, his second cabinet faced immediate challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting lockdowns and curfews. However, controversies, including the Ibiza affair investigation and a corruption inquiry, forced Kurz to resign as chancellor in October 2021. Despite stepping down, he retained influence within the party and parliamentary leadership, earning the moniker “shadow chancellor.” Two months later, Kurz exited politics altogether, transitioning to a role as a global strategist for Peter Thiel.

Kurz made history as Austria’s youngest chancellor and the world’s youngest head of government for approximately four years. His youth and political approach rejuvenated the conservative movement in Austria and beyond.

Net Worth

Sebastian Kurz’s estimated net worth of $145 million.

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