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Jimmy Barnes Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Career, Net Worth, Health Update, and More

Jimmy Barnes, is a rock singer born in Scotland and now based in Australia, has achieved significant success in his career, both as a solo artist and as the lead vocalist of the rock band Cold Chisel. His contributions have solidified his status as one of the most beloved and top-selling Australian music artists in history.


Age- 67 years

Height- 5 feet 10 inches

Weight- 77 kg

Born- 28 April 1956

Birthplace- Glasgow, United Kingdom

Spouse- Jane Mahoney (m. 1981)

Children- David Campbell, Elly-May Barnes, Mahalia Barnes, EJ Barnes, Jackie Barnes

Profession- Australian singer

Nationality- Australian, British


James Dixon Barnes, the son of Dorothy and Jim Swan, hails from a challenging upbringing in what he described as a “slum” marked by alcohol and violence. His mother, Dorothy, raised him and his four siblings—John, Dorothy, Linda, and Alan—before the age of 21. His older brother, John, later gained recognition as a singer known as Swanee. After his parents’ divorce, Dorothy remarried Reg Barnes, a clerk who passed away on September 3, 2013. In tribute to his stepfather, Jimmy adopted the name James Dixon Barnes.

Jimmy Barnes family


In November 1979, Jimmy Barnes crossed paths with Jane Mahoney the stepdaughter of an Australian diplomat. This began a relationship between Barnes and Jane, culminating in their marriage in Sydney on May 22, 1981.

Jimmy Barnes wife


Jimmy Barnes is the father of seven children. Four of them—Mahalia, Eliza-Jane, Jackie, and Elly-May—are with his wife Jane and are collectively recognized in the music world as The Tin Lids. He has one son, David, from a previous relationship with Kim Campbell, and two daughters from earlier relationships.


In 1973, Barnes embarked on an apprenticeship with the South Australian Railways, but his passion for music led him to join a band with his brother Swanee. Initially stepping in as the lead singer for Fraternity, he later joined the band Orange in December 1975, featuring Don Walker, Ian Moss, Steve Prestwich, and Les Kaczmarek. Orange transformed into Cold Chisel in 1974, gaining prominence in the local music scene.

Barnes’s relationship with Cold Chisel was tumultuous, marked by his intermittent departures, with Moss covering vocal duties in his absence. Despite considering leaving in May 1977 to join Swanee in Feather, a successful farewell performance persuaded him to stay. The band signed with WEA a month later.

From 1978 to 1984, Cold Chisel released five studio albums and earned multiple TV Week/Countdown Awards. The band disbanded in December 1983, concluding with final performances at the Sydney Entertainment Centre from December 12 to 15, 1983.

Jimmy Barnes embarked on his solo career soon after Cold Chisel’s Last Stand tour concluded in December 1983. He formed a band, including Bruce Howe, Mal Eastick, and Chris Stockley, and began touring and preparing for a solo album.

In 1986, Barnes collaborated with INXS on “Good Times” and “Laying Down The Law.” His solo success soared in 1987 with “Too Much Ain’t Enough Love,” his first number-one single, followed by the release of “Barnestorming” in 1988, his fourth solo number-one album.

Throughout the ’90s and 2000s, Barnes delivered multiple albums, including “Two Fires” (1990), “Soul Deep” (1991), “Heat” (1993), “Psyclone” (1995), and “Double Happiness” (2005), featuring duets with family members.

In 2008, Barnes achieved his 10th solo number-one album with “30:30 Hindsight,” celebrating 30 years since his debut. His 2014 album, “30:30 Hindsight,” topped charts again.

Barnes explored soul and R&B in albums like “Soul Searchin'” (2016), his 11th number-one album. His autobiography, “Working Class Boy” (2016), delved into his traumatic childhood.

In 2018, he released “My Criminal Record,” becoming his 12th solo number-one album. Barnes continued his musical journey with a rockabilly band in 2021 and announced the supergroup, The Barnestormers, in 2023, releasing a self-titled album in May 2023.

Jimmy Barnes career

Achievements/ Awards

  • ASTRA Awards for Favourite Personality – Male (2008):Jimmy Barnes received the ASTRA Award for Favorite Personality – Male in 2008, recognizing his popularity in the television industry.
  • Logie Award for Most Popular Music Video (1992): In 1992, Barnes won the Logie Award for Most Popular Music Video for “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby,” acknowledging the video’s widespread appeal.
  • ARIA Music Award for Best Children’s Album (2017): Barnes clinched the ARIA Music Award for Best Children’s Album in 2017 for “Och Aye the G’nu,” showcasing his versatility in creating music suitable for younger audiences.
  • ARIA Music Award for Best Original Soundtrack, Cast or Show Album (2018):** The ARIA Music Award for Best Original Soundtrack, Cast or Show Album in 2018 was awarded to Barnes for “Working Class Boy,” recognizing his contribution to the soundtrack, cast, or show album category.

Net Worth 2023

In 2023, the net worth of Jimmy Barnes stands at $20 million.

Jimmy Barnes’ Health Update

Battling Bacterial Pneumonia After Recent Setback

Jimmy Barnes has shared another health setback, a year after emergency hip surgery and extended bed rest. In a recent Facebook post, the Working Class Man singer disclosed his hospitalization for bacterial pneumonia, leading to the cancellation of his upcoming show. Despite his absence, Barnes assured fans that his band, along with daughter Mahalia Barnes and special guests, would still perform.

Jimmy Barnes health update

Expressing regret for the inconvenience, he explained doctors had confined him to bed for two days. Bacterial pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs due to infection, is the cause, but Barnes appears to be on the mend, though serious cases can lead to complications. This health incident follows his emergency hip surgery last year, a recovery he documented on Facebook, culminating in the good news of receiving clearance to travel with his wife.

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