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Shinsadong Tiger Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Family, Wife, Career, Net Worth, and More

Lee Ho-yang, professionally known as Shinsadong Tiger, was a South Korean music producer and songwriter. Despite debuting at the age of 18 in 2001, he continued to work various odd jobs to support his music career. Shinsadong Tiger became a notable figure in the Korean pop music scene and contributed to the creation of numerous popular songs.


Age- 40 years



Born- 3 June 1983

Birthplace- Pohang-si, South Korea

Death date- 23 February 2024

Profession-Music Producer and Songwriter

Nationality- South Korean

Shinsadong Tiger

Cause of Death

K-pop sensation Shinsadong Tiger, born Lee Ho-yang, passed away at the age of 41 on Friday.

AB Entertainment, his agency, confirmed his death on Friday evening, stating that they are currently gathering information before making a formal announcement.

There were suspicions that his death might have been caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

The esteemed music producer was discovered deceased at his recording studio earlier the same day. According to industry insiders, he was found by an acquaintance at the studio after being unreachable by phone.

Shinsadong Tiger was celebrated for his numerous chart-topping hits in Korea, including 4Minute’s “Hot Issue,” Tiara’s “Roly Poly,” Apink’s “No No No,” Exid’s “Up & Down,” and Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom.”

Shinsadong Tiger cause of death


Details regarding Shinsadong Tiger’s parents are not available, as he has chosen to keep his personal life private.


Information regarding Shinsadong Tiger’s marital status or relationships is not available at this time.


His passion for music ignited during junior high school, and he even auditioned for JYP Entertainment, although he faced rejection.

Having debuted at 19, Lee quickly gained recognition for his contributions to the K-Pop industry. Beyond composing for various artists, he became known for managing the girl group EXID and establishing the Modern K Music Academy. However, he faced criticism for his tendency to follow trends and produce commercial music for idols. Lee’s unconventional inspiration, such as using toilet rolls for the catchy hook in “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” showcased his creative approach.

Shinsadong Tiger career

In 2011, he released his self-produced single “Supermarket – The Half,” featuring BEAST members Yoon Doo-joon, Yong Jun-hyung, and Lee Gi-kwang on the track “Should I Hug Or Not?” In 2012, his album “Supermarket – Another Half” included tracks like “Over and Over” by 4minute, “Stop Doing That” by G.NA, and “In the Cloud,” a solo piece by B2ST’s Son Dong-woon.

May 2014 saw Wellmade Yedang become the largest shareholder in Shinsadong Tiger’s entertainment agency, Cashmere Records. In 2018, he contributed to the music production of Idol Producer and composed and arranged Momoland’s hit song “Bboom Bboom.”

In 2021, Lee collaborated with Elly to form and debut the group Tri.be.

Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Shinsadong Tiger’s net worth was estimated to be 5 million.

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