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Shirley Barber Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Career, Books, Net Worth, Cause of Death, and More

Shirley Barber was an English children’s author and illustrator, was born on 23 June 1935 and spent her early childhood in Guernsey. She received formal art school training at Sandersons Furnishings, a textile and wallpaper studio in London.





Born- 23 June 1935

Birthplace- United Kingdom

Died- 12 December 2023

Spouse- Keith Barber

Profession- Children’s author, illustrator

Nationality- Australian, English


His father, Ben Machon, but details about his mother are not available. Shirley spent the initial years of her childhood in Guernsey, located in the Channel Islands.


Shirley was married twice, and her second husband, Keith Barber, passed away in 2000. She resided in Watsonia, a suburb of Melbourne, alongside her son and his family.

Shirley Barber husband


Shirley became a longtime resident in Australia after immigrating there in 1965, and she worked for a period at Oxford University Press in Melbourne, Victoria. Known for her extensive literary contributions, Shirley authored numerous picture books, fairy-themed coloring books, calendars, and diaries, collectively selling over 10 million copies as of 2008. Most of her works featured enchanting tales with fairies and animals, often set in picturesque woods, and have been translated into 18 languages.

Her debut picture book, “Martha B. Rabbit – The Fairies’ Cook,” was published by The Five Mile Press in 1988, quickly gaining widespread popularity. In the following year, it achieved a remarkable feat by winning first prize at the prestigious Critica Erba awards at the Bologna Children’s Fair—a remarkable accomplishment for a first book.

Shirley Barber’s books have, to date, exceeded 10 million copies in sales, with publications spanning over 70 international editions in North America, Europe, and Asia. Noteworthy best-sellers in Australia include “The Tooth Fairy,” closely followed by “The Enchanted Woods” and “Rainbow Magic.” Despite her success, Shirley lives quietly in rural Victoria, where she continues to craft and illustrate delightful storybooks that are enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Shirley Barber career

Shirley Barber’s Books

  • Tale of Martha B. Rabbit- 1990
  • The Enchanted Woods- 1993
  • Fairy Book: An Anthology of Verse- 2000
  • A Visit to Fairyland- 1997
  • Rainbow Magic – 1989
  • The Tooth Fairy- 1995
  • The Mermaid Princess- 1995
  • Fairy Stories- 2002
  • Fairyland- 2005
  • Shirley Barber’s Fairies Collection – 1996
  • Shirley Barber’s Fairy Book: An Anthology of Verse – 1995
  • All the Jewels of Fairyland – 2009
  • Tales from Martha B. Rabbit- 1999
  • Fairy Magic- 2008
  • Fairytale Jigsaw Book: With Seven 48-Piece Jigsaws – 2001
  • Fairies
  • The Seventh Unicorn- 1998
  • Shirley Barber’s Martha B. Rabbit Jigsaw Book: With Seven 48-piece Jigsaws – 2001
  • Cottage Flowers Jigsaw Book – 2002
  • Fairy Tales Treasury – 2020
  • Enchanted – 2012
  • Shirley Barber’s Spellbound: A Fairytale Romance- 1999
  • Bedtime Stories- 1997
  • Daphne the Forgetful Duck – 1992
  • The Magic Unicorns – 2019
  • The Mermaid Princess and the Trouble at the Palace – 2016
  • Shirley Barber’s Bedtime Stories – 1997
  • Little Fairy’s Busy Day – 2012
  • Fairies: Jigsaw Book – 2002
  • Animals: Jigsaw Book – 2001
  • Martha B. Rabbit and Those Wicked Rats Again – 1991
  • Shirley Barber’s Fairy Magic Picture Book- 2005

Net Worth 2023

As of the time of her passing, Shirley Barber’s net worth was reported to be $10 million.

Cause of Death

Beloved British-Australian writer Shirley Barber has passed away at the age of 88. Renowned for her enchanting tales, she authored over 30 original picture books, captivating readers with whimsical stories featuring fairies and mermaids. Among her celebrated works are the beloved titles “Tooth Fairy,” “The Mermaid Princess,” and “The Enchanted Woods.”

Barber, who also illustrated all of her books, gained widespread acclaim with her creations translated into 18 languages, including Bulgarian, Estonian, and French. Over the span of more than two decades, her books, along with associated calendars and diaries, have collectively sold more than 10 million copies, building a substantial global fan base.

Shirley Barber cause of death

On Tuesday, her publisher, Brolly Publishing, released a statement announcing Barber’s peaceful passing in her sleep on that day. Describing her literary contributions, the statement highlighted her books’ “rich detail, animated characters,” and “strong visual narratives.” The stories conveyed “gentle messages of kindness, caring, friendship, and peace,” subtly presented through the characters’ actions.

Barber’s literary journey began with her first book, “Martha B. Rabbit: The Fairies’ Cook,” published in 1988 when she was in her mid-fifties. Notably, she had crafted a prototype of the book as a child, complete with a red ribbon tie. The book went on to achieve significant recognition, winning the first prize at the Critica Erba Awards at the Bologna Children’s Fair in 1989.

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