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Troy Beckwith Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Family, Wife, Career, Net Worth, and More

Troy Beckwith was an actor who played infamous Neighbours villain Michael Martin on the popular TV show for almost a decade, has died aged 48


Age-48 years



Born-17 November 1975

Birthplace-London, United Kingdom




Troy Beckwith kept his personal life private, and details about his parents are not publicly available. However, it is known that he had a sister named Juanita Sanger.

Troy Beckwith family


According to the available information, Troy Beckwith was single. He was not married, and not involved in any romantic relationships.


Troy Beckwith, known for his role as Michael Mellop in “The Miraculous Mellops,” began his television career with a part in the 1989 children’s series “Pugwall,” where he appeared in 42 episodes. His final credited role was in the short film “Caffeine” in 1999.

In 2017, Beckwith disappeared for a couple of weeks before being found by the police. Kristen Hill of Cranbourne Police mentioned, “He’s got his mobile phone, he contacted his partner, saying an appointment had been cancelled and that was the last time she heard from him.” Thirteen days later, he was located. The Mirror reported that Beckwith had a medical condition at the time, details of which were not disclosed, but his family expressed concern. Police believed he was staying in hostels around Melbourne, keeping a low profile.

Troy Beckwith career

Aside from his notable stint on “Neighbours,” Beckwith portrayed keyboard player Jeremy ‘Bazza’ Burlington in the children’s series “Pugwall.” Actor Brett Blewitt, known for his role as Brett Stark on “Neighbours,” fondly remembered Beckwith, describing him as a lovely person, deeply thoughtful and empathetic, with a playful and cheeky side once he opened up. Casting director Jan Russ also expressed sadness at the news, remembering Beckwith as a gorgeous soul.

Net Worth

At the time of his passing, his net worth was estimated to be around 6 million dollars.

Cause of Death

Troy Beckwith, known for his portrayal of Michael Martin in the soap, has passed away. Troy Beckwith’s sister, Juanita Sanger, shared the news of his passing on her Facebook page, indicating that he had succumbed to cancer after a challenging battle.

Kym Valentine, his co-star who played Libby Kennedy in Neighbours, confirmed his death in a heartfelt social media tribute. She expressed sorrow over losing a dear friend and reminisced about their time together on set.

Troy Beckwith death

In line with Beckwith’s wishes, there will be no funeral. Beckwith’s character, Michael Martin, earned the moniker “Sicko Micko” and remains one of Neighbours’ most memorable villains. Beckwith portrayed Michael from 1992 to 1998.

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