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Samantha Hayes Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Career, Books, Net Worth, Announces Separation from Partner, and More

Samantha Hayes, born on April 25, 1984, is a New Zealand journalist and newsreader originally from South Africa. She began her career at TV3 at the age of 17, starting as a journalist and later transitioning into a newsreader. Over the years, she has contributed to various programs such as Newshub Late, 3rd Degree, 3D (which later became 3D Investigates), Newsworthy, Nightline, and Firstline. Currently, she serves as the news anchor alongside Mike McRoberts on Newshub Live at 6pm, a position she assumed on May 30, 2016, following Hilary Barry’s resignation.

Samantha Hayes career

In July 2018, Hayes achieved victory in the seventh series of the New Zealand version of Dancing with the Stars, partnering with professional dancer Aaron Gilmore.

Hayes adopted a vegetarian lifestyle at the age of 11 due to ethical concerns, stating that she refrained from meat consumption after witnessing newborn lambs on the farm and feeling a responsibility to prevent their harm.


Age-39 years

Height- 1.7 m

Weight- 52 kg

Born- 25 April 1984

Birth place- Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Spouse- Jay Blaauw

Profession- Journalist

Nationality- Journalist


She is the daughter of Sheena, a South African, and Paul, a New Zealander. When she was just six months old, the family moved to Milton in Otago, New Zealand. She has a sister and a brother.


In December 2020, Hayes got engaged to Jay Blaauw, and they welcomed their first child, Marlow. Later, she revealed her pregnancy with their second child.

In late 2019, Hayes gave birth to her son via caesarean section, a delivery method necessitated by her pre-eclampsia diagnosis.

Samantha Hayes -Jay Blaauw-kids


She pursued her education at the University of Otago and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Media & International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington in 2007.

Samantha Hayes Books

  • 2010:”In Too Deep”
  • 2013: “The Ex-Husband: An Absolutely Gripping Psychological Thriller with a Killer Twist”
  • 2014: “Tell Me A Secret: A gripping psychological thriller with heart-stopping mystery and suspense”
  • 2016:”The Engagement: An Absolutely Unputdownable Psychological Thriller with a Heart-pounding Twist”
  • 2018:”The Happy Couple: An absolutely unputdownable and gripping psychological thriller”
  • 2018: “The Reunion: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist”
  • 2018: “Blood Ties: A Heartstopping Psychological Thriller with a Twist You Will Never See Coming”
  • 2020: “The Trapped Wife: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a mind-blowing twist”
  • 2021: “The Liar’s Wife: A gripping psychological thriller with edge-of-your-seat suspense”
  • 2022: “Before You Die”
  • 2023: “The Inheritance: An Absolutely Unputdownable Psychological Thriller with a Shocking Twist”

Samantha Hayes Net Worth 2023

Samantha Hayes, the News Anchor, possesses a net worth of $14 million.

Samantha Hayes Announces Separation from Partner

Over the weekend, Newshub presenter Samantha Hayes revealed to her 50,000 Instagram followers that she has separated from her partner, Jeroen Blaauw. In a post describing it as a “little bit of a life update,” the journalist shared the news of the split. Hayes and Blaauw first met in a chance encounter in Brazil years ago.

Samantha Hayes Announces Separation from Partner

“It’s been a tough few months, the most challenging time of my life in many ways,” she wrote.

“I’ve come to learn it’s not a linear process either, some days it gets a little bit brighter, but others are still really hard.”

Hayes added that their children, Marlow (4) and Amaya (2), are incredibly lovely little individuals, surpassing her wildest imaginations.

“I adore them. They remain at the centre of our world and everything we’re doing is to make sure they feel loved and supported,” she wrote.

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