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Rich Paul Biography, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, Latest News, and More

Rich Paul, the founder of Klutch Sports Group, is an American sports agent renowned for his association with NBA star LeBron James. Recognized as one of the most influential agents in the realm of sports, Paul’s enduring friendship and professional partnership with LeBron James have significantly contributed to his prominence in the industry.


Age- 41 years


Weight- 74 Kg

Born- 16 December 1981

Birth place- Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Profession- American sports agent

Nationality- American


He is the son of Rich Paul Jr. and Minerva Martin. Rich Paul Jr. had a previous employment at Rj. Confectionary.


Paul is the parent of three children. In 2021, he initiated a romantic involvement with the English singer-songwriter Adele.

Rich Paul girlfriend


He commenced his career under the guidance of Leon Rose at Creative Artists Agency, where Rose had previously negotiated a contract extension for LeBron James with the Cavaliers in 2006. In 2012, Paul, in partnership with James, departed from Rose and CAA to establish their own agency, Klutch Sports Group. In 2013, he brought experienced agent and attorney Mark Termini on board to oversee NBA contract negotiations for Klutch. By 2020, under Termini’s leadership, Klutch Sports had a roster of 25 clients, and negotiations for NBA contracts exceeded $1 billion.

In the same year, United Talent Agency (UTA) made a strategic investment in Klutch Sports Group, inviting Paul to oversee its sports division. During his tenure, the division’s client base expanded from 4 to 23, prompting Paul’s appointment to UTA’s board of directors in 2020.

Before the 2017–18 NBA season, Paul encountered a situation with Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, who insisted on severing ties with head coach Earl Watson, represented by Paul and Klutch Sports Group. When the Suns began the season poorly, Watson was dismissed, and the story later became a significant part of a report on Sarver in 2022, leading to Sarver’s suspension and subsequent agreement to sell the Suns.

In August 2019, the NCAA implemented a rule change, colloquially known as the “Rich Paul Rule,” requiring agents to hold a bachelor’s degree. Widely seen as targeting Paul, who did not graduate from college, the rule sparked controversy and was later rescinded after Paul argued against it in an op-ed.

Paul took strides beyond sports representation in 2020, launching “Klutch Conversations” during the NBA All-Star Weekend in collaboration with SocialWorks and General Mills, aiming to promote financial literacy among young people.

In August 2021, Paul faced a legal challenge from Nerlens Noel, who sued him for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and negligence related to the rejection of a $70 million contract offer from the Dallas Mavericks in the 2017–18 offseason. The dispute was settled on January 11, 2023, with Noel paying full commissions on a $5 million deal signed in 2020 with the New York Knicks, and all legal proceedings were subsequently withdrawn.

Rich Paul career

Net Worth 2023

With a net worth of $120 million, Rich Paul is an American sports agent renowned for founding Klutch Sports Group. The agency has notably represented some of basketball’s biggest names, with Paul’s long-time friend, LeBron James, being among its prominent clients.

Latest News about Rich Paul

Adele appears to confirm marriage to Rich Paul

Adele seems to have confirmed her marital status with long-time boyfriend Rich Paul. The singer, who had previously referred to herself as the sports agent’s “wife” on multiple occasions, reportedly made the declaration during Alan Carr’s stand-up comedy show. According to accounts from two members of the audience shared with the celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi, Adele, when asked if anyone had recently gotten married, enthusiastically responded with a definitive “I did.”

Rich Paul-Adele -marriage news

One attendee recounted the moment, stating, “I was at Alan Carr’s comedy show in LA tonight, and Adele was in the audience. Alan asked the crowd if anyone got married recently, and Adele shouted ‘I did.’” Another audience member corroborated the story, describing it as “super cute” and mentioning that Adele, who was seated behind them with a friend, seemed to be having a great time. They noted that Adele’s security only intervened to bring her snacks and that she left just before the show concluded.

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