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Rebecca Loos Biography, Age, Parents, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Latest News, and More

Rebecca Loos, a former Dutch glamour model and media personality, gained public prominence when she alleged having an affair with the married footballer David Beckham during her tenure as his personal assistant.


Age- 46 years

Height- 1.7 m

Weight- 56 kg

Born- 19 June 1977

Birthplace-Madrid, Spain

Spouse- Sven Christjar Skaiaa

Siblings: John Charles Loos

Profession-glamour model and media personality

Nationality- Dutch

Television-Celebrity Love Island; The Farm; Extreme Celebrity Detox; Temptation Island; The X Factor: Battle of the Stars


Rebecca Loos was born in Madrid, Spain, to parents from diverse backgrounds. Her father, Leonard Loos Bartholdi, was a Dutch diplomat, while her mother, Elizabeth Loos, hails from Surrey, England. Despite her birth in Spain, Loos holds Dutch citizenship.

She shares a second cousin relationship with Piers Morgan, who was the editor of the Daily Mirror tabloid newspaper when Loos first captured media attention.


She tied the knot with Sven Christjar Skaiaa since 18 August 2012, whom she met while he was working as a medic behind the scenes on the reality show “71 Degrees North” in 2008. The couple is blessed with two children.

Rebecca Loos children


Rebecca Loos gained notoriety when she claimed to have had a four-month affair with David Beckham, former England national football team captain, during his tenure at Real Madrid in 2003. Her allegations, made in an interview with the British tabloid News of the World in April 2004, were widely publicized. Although Beckham dismissed the claims as “ludicrous,” he did not legally challenge the story.

Following the media frenzy around her alleged affair, Loos transitioned into a career in the media industry. She briefly appeared as a hostess on the Dutch TV program Shownieuws in 2004. Later that year, she stirred controversy with her participation in the reality TV show The Farm, where animal rights organizations criticized the program’s treatment of farm animals.

In 2005, Loos appeared on the ITV reality show Celebrity Love Island. She also staged a symbolic wedding with American fashion model Jenny Shimizu for the television program Power Lesbian UK, protesting against America’s laws on same-sex marriage. The ceremony was broadcast as Power Lesbians on Logo TV in the United States. Loos, who identifies as bisexual, has openly discussed her sexual orientation since her teenage years.

Rebecca Loos career

In 2006, she played for the England Women’s football team in a charity event aired on Sky TV. Additionally, she ran the London Marathon, raising over £7,000 in sponsorship for the British Red Cross. Loos faced public scrutiny on The X Factor: Battle of the Stars and participated in the Spanish version of Survivor in 2007, finishing in third place. Later that year, she joined Sky TV’s Cirque de Celebrite as a contestant.

In 2008, Loos appeared as a guest on The Podge and Rodge Show and had a role in the Dutch feature film Mijn vader is een Detective. She also participated in the Dutch version of 71 Degrees North (71 Graden Noord). Over the years, Loos has graced the covers of renowned men’s magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Nuts, and Zoo Weekly.

Net Worth 2023

Rebecca Loos, a model and media personality of Anglo-Dutch descent, has accumulated a net worth of $3 million.

Latest News about Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos: Beyond the Beckham Scandal

Rebecca Loos, once a prominent figure in the media spotlight, has chosen a life away from fame and publicity, residing in the wilderness far removed from the limelight that once engulfed her. She gained widespread attention in 2004 when rumors surfaced about her alleged affair with football superstar David Beckham while she worked as his family’s personal assistant.


In a recent Netflix documentary released today, the Beckhams have candidly discussed the scandal that nearly shattered their marriage almost two decades ago. Victoria Beckham revealed that the aftermath of the affair was the most challenging period of her life, feeling a profound sense of disconnection within their relationship. David Beckham confessed that he still marvels at how they managed to navigate the crisis in 2003, but the couple resolved to fight for their family despite feeling overwhelmed by the constant media scrutiny. He admitted that they felt like they were suffocating under the weight of their high-profile marriage, with David confessing to experiencing daily bouts of physical discomfort.

However, these turbulent times are now a distant memory for Rebecca Loos, who retreated from city life after meeting her Norwegian doctor husband on the reality show “71 Degrees North.” Currently residing in Norway, she has embraced a tranquil existence, dedicating her time to activities such as yoga, running, biking, hiking, and foraging for food alongside her sons.During her career, Ms. Loos appeared on several UK TV shows, including “Celebrity Love Island,” “Extreme Celebrity Detox,” “Temptation Island,” and “The X Factor: Battle of the Stars.”

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