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Mira Murati Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Education, Career, Net Worth, OpenAI’s Interim CEO, and More

Mira Murati, an Albanian engineer and business executive, has been fulfilling the role of interim CEO at OpenAI since November 2023. She has been part of the company since 2018.


Age- 34 years

Height- 5 feet 6 inches


Born- 16 December 1988

Birth place- Vlorë, Albania

Profession- Chief Technology officer of OpenAI

Nationality- Albanian

Mira Murati


Born in 1988 in Vlorë, Albania, in Southeastern Europe, Mira Murati’s parents’ names are currently undisclosed.


As of now, Mira Murati is single, and there is no disclosed information about her husband’s name.


She departed Albania to pursue her education at Pearson College UWC on Vancouver Island, Canada, where she successfully completed her International Baccalaureate diploma in 2007. Murati furthered her academic journey at Colby College and Dartmouth College, earning a Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering from Dartmouth in 2012.


Murati embarked on her professional journey as an intern at Goldman Sachs in 2011 and subsequently contributed to Zodiac Aerospace from 2012 to 2013. Following this, she dedicated three years to Tesla, where she held the role of senior product manager for Model X, before transitioning to Leap Motion.

In 2018, Murati joined OpenAI, initially serving as its chief technology officer. In this capacity, she spearheaded the development of projects such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex, while overseeing the company’s research, product, and safety teams. On November 17, 2023, Murati assumed the role of interim CEO at OpenAI, succeeding Sam Altman, who was dismissed abruptly.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Murati advocates for the regulation of AI, emphasizing the need for increased governmental involvement in this evolving field.

Mira Murati career

Net worth 2023

Mira Murati is estimated to have a net worth ranging from approximately $4 to $5 million.

Mira Murati: OpenAI’s Interim CEO after Sam Altman’s ouster

OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence research organization, has swiftly appointed Mira Murati as interim CEO in the aftermath of Sam Altman’s removal. The decision to dismiss Altman stemmed from a review that uncovered a lack of full transparency, hindering the board’s oversight duties.

The announcement, made today, underscores the board’s considerable loss of confidence in Altman’s leadership. This sudden management shift occurred just a day after Altman’s final public appearance as CEO, addressing an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) AI forum on Thursday.

Mira Murati OpenAI's Interim CEO after Sam Altman's ouster

Murati assumes the role at a crucial juncture for OpenAI, guiding the organization through an unexpected transition while commencing the search for a permanent chief executive. Details regarding the search process and potential candidates for the permanent CEO position have not been disclosed by the organization.

Altman’s departure signifies a notable change for OpenAI, renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to artificial intelligence. In her role as interim CEO, Murati shoulders the responsibility of maintaining organizational stability and ensuring the continuity of strategic initiatives during this period of transformation.

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