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Mel Schilling Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Career, Cancer Diagnosis, Net Worth, and More

Mel Schilling is an Australian expert in human behavior and performance, boasting a two-decade career as a therapist, business consultant, and leadership coach catering to high-performing individuals.


Age- 51 years

Height- 5 feet


Full name-Melanie Schilling



Spouse-Gareth Brisbane

Profession- psychologist and dating coach

Nationality- Australian


Mel Schilling, born on April 20, 1972, is the daughter of Paul Schilling and Beth Schilling.


Mel Schilling tied the knot with her husband Gareth Brisbane on December 24, 2020. Together, they share an eight-year-old daughter named Madison.

Mel Schilling husband


Mel Schilling earned her degree in Psychology from Deakin University in 1994. Subsequently, from 1995 to 1996, she pursued a graduate diploma in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Additionally, she studied for her graduate certificate in Human Resources & Industrial Relations at Victoria University.


Mel Schilling, a psychologist and dating expert from the Australian version of MAFS, has joined MAFS UK, where she has been part of the franchise since 2016. Notably, she faced significant backlash during season six of the Australian version, receiving death threats after addressing the language of a male contestant.

This season, the producers are adopting the Australian format, with couples matched by experts like Mel. However, the couples won’t have legal weddings but will partake in lifetime commitment ceremonies led by a celebrant. A new feature involves weekly dinner parties, where couples decide whether to continue or end their relationships. The upcoming series is slated for 21 episodes, each lasting 90 minutes.

Married at First Sight UK made its return on August 30, 2021, promising a season described as the most “raunchy and explosive yet.” The season features 16 contestants guided by three relationship experts: Paul C Brunson, Mel Schilling, and Charlene Douglas. The following text focuses on Mel Schilling, one of the experts assisting the newlyweds on their marital journey.

Mel Schilling career

Mel Schilling Net Worth

Her approximate net worth falls within the range of $1,000 to $2 million.

Mel Schilling Opens Up About Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis

Mel Schilling, the beloved reality show expert, has recently disclosed a devastating cancer diagnosis, emphasizing the importance of taking health concerns seriously. In a candid Instagram post, Schilling shared the heartbreaking details of her diagnosis, including the symptoms that initially raised concerns. While filming the latest season of the widely watched reality show, Married At First Sight, the Australian dating and relationship coach, currently residing in the UK with her family, first became aware of her condition.

“About a month ago when I was filming in Australia I developed severe stomach cramps on set, I put it down to all the travel I’d been doing and the upset it caused to my system,” she recounts, sharing that her Sydney-based GP prescribed her laxatives, putting her discomfort down to constipation.

Mel Schilling opens Up About Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis

Expressing skepticism about the ease of resolving her health issues, Schilling chose to undergo further testing upon her return to the UK, where she currently resides with her husband and young daughter.

“On Thursday I was told I had colon cancer and in an instant, my whole life changed,” writes Schilling.

Accompanied by her husband and daughter, the TV personality announced that she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove a 5cm tumor from her colon, a procedure crucial for her survival.

“It will be so tough to spend Xmas Day in hospital instead of being surrounded by family but getting rid of Terry (what I’ve named my tumour) will be the best present of all,” says Schilling, who due to her recent diagnosis has had to postpone her holiday plans of travelling to Northern Ireland with her loved ones.

Concluding her post with a message to her followers, Schilling encourages anyone with health concerns to thoroughly investigate their symptoms.

“If something doesn’t feel right, please, please don’t ignore it and if you don’t think the answers you have got are right, keep going until you do, it might just save your life,” she says.

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