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Lynja Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Family, Husband, Career, Achievement, Net Worth, and More

Lynja was an American celebrity chef, gained widespread recognition for her highly praised TikTok videos. Lynja, a TikTok creator, captivated millions with her eccentric style and culinary advice through her account, “Cooking With Lynja.”


Age- 67 years

Full name-Lynn Yamada Davis

Born-July 31, 1956

Birthplace-New York City, U.S.

Profession-You Tuber, Chef

Nationality- American

Genres-Comedy, entertainment, Vlogs, gaming, reaction

Subscribers-9.71 million

Total views-4.02 billion



She hailed from a third-generation Japanese-American family and spent a significant portion of her youth in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The names of her parents are not disclosed.


She was married twice, and Keith Davis was her second husband.


She had four children, including daughters Becky and Hannah, as well as sons Tim and the professional soccer player Sean Davis.


She attended Fort Lee High School before pursuing higher education at MIT, where she obtained a degree in civil engineering in 1977. While at MIT, she served as the chairwoman for The Tech student newspaper. Subsequently, she furthered her academic pursuits, earning degrees in public health and business administration from Columbia Business School.


Davis dedicated herself to public service, ensuring the accessibility of federal buildings during her tenure with the government. Furthermore, she contributed significantly to AT&T Labs for 29 years, serving in roles such as project manager and systems engineer.

Lynja’s TikTok videos

The inspiration for her videos originated from her youngest son, Tim Davis, during the March 2020 lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Tim has been actively involved in shooting and editing all of her “Cooking with Lynja” videos. The success of the series was underscored in 2022 when it received accolades at the 12th Streamy Awards, winning in the categories of “Best Food” and “Best Editing.”

Lynja career

Lynja’s collaborative efforts extended to partnerships with Nick DiGiovanni, leading to notable achievements. In a November 2021 video, they achieved a Guinness World Record for the largest cake pop, weighing 97 pounds 8.52 ounces (44.240 kg). Additionally, Lynja and DiGiovanni broke records for the world’s largest chicken nugget, weighing 20.96 kg (46.2 lb), and the world’s largest sushi roll, measuring 2.15 meters (7 ft 1 in) in diameter.

A mother of four, as detailed in a profile for the MIT Alumni Association, she initiated the creation of “Cooking with Lynja” videos alongside Tim, her youngest child. Although the growth in followers was initially gradual, a turning point came in 2021 when a video featuring the preparation of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich became a viral sensation on TikTok.


Davis amassed nearly 30 million followers across multiple platforms, showcasing her extravagant cooking style while frequently engaging in playful banter with her children. On TikTok alone, where her follower count reached 17.8 million, Davis shared videos where she tasted dishes from different corners of the world, yet her primary focus remained on cooking from the comfort of her own home.

In 2022, Davis clinched a Streamy Award, a prestigious accolade recognizing excellence in online video content.

Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Lynja’s estimated net worth is around $4.82 million.

Cause of Death

Lynja is, a TikTok chef celebrated for her humor-infused cooking content, passed away at the age of 67, as revealed by her son on social media this Friday. Her son shared that her final moments were incredibly peaceful, and she was surrounded by loved ones.

Lynja death reason

According to her daughter, Hannah Mariko Shofet, Davis succumbed to esophageal cancer. In a poignant social media video, Davis’ son shared a montage of photos showcasing various stages of her life, from childhood to her time as a college student at MIT, and another capturing the proud moment of her graduation with a degree in civil engineering. He affectionately described her as “cool” and highlighted her role as a dedicated mother in images featuring her with his older brother, a professional soccer player.

The video also showcased glimpses of their old kitchen and depicted Davis engaged in running—revealing her impressive feat of completing eight marathons, as proudly mentioned by her son. Davis, a mother of four, initially started creating Cooking with Lynja videos with her youngest child, Tim. Although the follower count grew slowly initially, a breakthrough came in 2021 when a TikTok video featuring the preparation of a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich went viral, propelling her to newfound fame.

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