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Kristi Noem Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Governor of South Dakota, Net Worth, Latest News, and More

Kristi Noem is an American politician affiliated with the Republican Party. She has held the position of the 33rd governor of South Dakota since 2019. Before assuming the role of governor, she represented South Dakota’s at-large congressional district as a U.S. representative from 2011 to 2019. Prior to her congressional tenure, she served as a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives for the 6th district from 2007 to 2011.

In her initial election as governor in 2018, Kristi Noem became South Dakota’s first female governor. Notably, during the 2018 election, she received an endorsement from President Donald Trump. Throughout her governorship, she gained national attention, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to her stance against implementing a statewide mask mandate.



Height- 5 feet 8 inches


Full name- Kristi Lynn Noem

Born- 30 November 1971

Birthplace- Watertown, South Dakota, United States

Profession-Politician, Farmer

Spouse- Bryon Noem (m. 1992)

Nationality- American

Office-Governor of South Dakota since 2019

Previous offices- Representative, SD At-large District (2011–2019), South Dakota State Representative (2007–2011)


Kristi Noem was raised her siblings on their family ranch and farm in rural Hamlin County after being born to Ron and Corinne Arnold in Watertown, South Dakota.She is descended from Norwegians .In 1994, Noem’s father killed in a farm equipment accident.

Kristi Noem parents


In 1992, she wed Bryon Noem in Watertown South Dakota. In 2011, when Noem relocated to Washington for her congressional duties, her family chose to remain on their ranch near Castlewood, South Dakota.

Kristi Noem husband

Kristi Noem practices the Protestant faith. As of 2018, her family regularly attended a Foursquare Church located in Watertown, South Dakota.


The couple has been blessed with three children. The names of her children are Kassidy Noem, Kennedy Noem, and Booker Noem.

Kristi Noem children


Noem completed her high school education at Hamlin High School in 1990, and in the same year, she earned the title of South Dakota Snow Queen. She embarked on her college journey at Northern State University from 1990 to 1994 but did not complete her degree. During this time, her daughter, Kassidy, was born on April 21, 1994. Noem made the decision to leave college prematurely in order to take on responsibilities on the family farm.


South Dakota House of Representatives

In 2006, Kristi Noem secured a Republican seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives, representing the 6th district, which encompassed portions of Beadle, Clark, Codington, Hamlin, and Kingsbury counties. Her initial victory in 2006 was achieved with 39% of the vote, and she was reelected in 2008 with 41% of the vote.

During her tenure spanning from 2007 to 2010, she held the position of assistant majority leader during her second term. Throughout this period, Noem played a pivotal role as the primary sponsor of 11 bills that were subsequently enacted into law. These included various property tax reforms and two bills aimed at enhancing gun rights in South Dakota. In 2009, she assumed the role of vice chair of the Agriculture Land Assessment Advisory Task Force, where Senator Larry Rhoden served as the task force chair and later became her lieutenant governor.

Kristi Noem career

U.S. House of Representatives

In 2010, Kristi Noem launched her campaign for South Dakota’s at-large seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Following her election, the House Republican 87-member freshman class elected Noem to serve as the liaison to the House Republican leadership in 2011, marking her as the second woman in the House GOP leadership. Her primary responsibilities included advocating for significant reductions in federal government spending and assisting Speaker John Boehner in managing the expectations of the freshman class.

In 2012, Noem successfully secured a second term, defeating Democrat Matthew Varilek with a 57–43 percent margin. She continued her winning streak in 2014, securing a third term by defeating Democrat Corinna Robinson with a 67–33 percent margin. In 2016, she won her fourth term, defeating Democrat Paula Hawks with a 64–36 percent margin.Between 2013 and 2015, Noem played a role on the House Armed Services Committee, contributing to the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act. Her appointment to the committee was regarded as beneficial for South Dakota’s Ellsworth Air Force Base.

In March 2011, Noem expressed criticism of President Barack Obama’s approach to the NATO-led military intervention in the 2011 Libyan civil war, urging him to provide more detailed information about the U.S.’s role in the conflict and characterizing his statements as vague and ambiguous.

Noem has consistently opposed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and has voted for its repeal. After unsuccessful attempts to repeal it, she sought to defund it while preserving key provisions, such as the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, the provision allowing parents to keep their children on their health insurance plan into their 20s, and the high-risk pools.

She also aligned herself with President Donald Trump by supporting his 2017 Executive Order 13769, which suspended the U.S. refugee program for 120 days and imposed a travel ban on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days.

In 2017, Noem served on the conference committee that negotiated the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which she touted as providing an average South Dakota family with a $1,200 tax cut.

Furthermore, in 2018, Noem explored the possibility of attaching her online sales tax bill to the government funding package as part of an omnibus. She emphasized the budget deficit as one of Congress’s most critical issues and co-sponsored H. J. Res. 2, which advocated that total spending for any fiscal year should not exceed total receipts. She also highlighted areas for potential cuts, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicaid, high-speed rail projects, cap-and-trade technical assistance, and subsidies for the Washington Metro rapid transit system.

Governor of South Dakota

In November 2016, Noem announced her decision not to seek reelection to Congress but to run for governor of South Dakota in 2018. She won the Republican primary, defeating Marty Jackley 56 to 44 percent, and went on to secure the governorship by defeating Democratic nominee Billie Sutton in the general election with 51.0 to 47.6 percent of the vote.

In 2022, Noem announced her bid for reelection as governor on November 12, 2021. She faced opposition from State Representative Steven Haugaard and House Democratic Minority Leader Jamie Smith. Noem secured a second term with 62% of the vote, flipping 17 counties that had previously voted Democratic and setting a record for the highest number of votes received by a governor candidate in South Dakota.

Kristi Noem was inaugurated as South Dakota’s governor on January 5, 2019, becoming the first woman to hold this office in the state’s history.


  • Kristi Noem Awarded 2023 NRA Distinguished Hunters Leadership Award.
  • The NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum (HLF) has presented the 2023 NRA Distinguished Hunters Leadership Award.The recipient of this prestigious award is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, her financial worth falls within the range of 2 to 5 million USD.

Latest News about Kristi Noem

On Friday evening, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem officially gave her endorsement to former President Donald Trump during a campaign rally held in her home state. The event took place at the Monument arena and drew thousands of attendees.

Kristi Noem latest news

Noem expressed, “I am privileged to introduce the individual in the arena. He is a figure of great importance, a leader and a fighter essential for our nation. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the position of President of the United States of America. I am committed to utilizing all my resources to support his victory and safeguard this exceptional nation.”

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