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Jayden Archer (Jayo) Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, and More

Jayden Archer was a prominent freestyle motocross athlete from Australia. He gained recognition as an X Games medalist and notably became the first rider to successfully perform a triple backflip in competition. Archer was deeply involved in the Australian motocross community and was associated with Nitro Circus, a renowned action sports media brand founded by Travis Pastrana.


Age-27 years

Full name-Jayden Archer

Nick name-Jayo Archer

Height-1.82 m



Birthplace-Melbourne, Australia

Death date-21 Feb 2024

Profession- Motocross rider

Nationality- Australian

Jayden Archer

Cause of Death

Motocross rider and former X-Games competitor Jayden Archer has tragically passed away in a training accident.

Archer, a cherished figure within the Australian motocross sphere and an integral part of the Nitro Circus, an action sports media entity spearheaded by versatile athlete Travis Pastrana, was renowned for his relentless drive in advancing the boundaries of freestyle motocross, even during a period when such endeavors garnered limited external recognition.

Reflecting on Archer’s profound impact, Pastrana conveyed, “The loss cuts deep. Jayo epitomized an era where action sports thrived, always aspiring to conquer monumental feats like the double and triple flips, despite the scarcity of platforms to showcase such monumental stunts. He exhibited unwavering dedication, rising at dawn for rigorous training sessions before his day job, and during his visits to Maryland for training, he became an inspiring figure to my children. His essence was that of a remarkable individual foremost, a diligent toiler second, and an absolute trailblazer third.”

Jayden Archer death-accident

“I cannot describe this feeling,” Archer said that day. “This is so much more than a trick to me. I’ve dedicated my entire life the last three years to this moment. There were a lot of obstacles and broken bones and knockouts, and I would do it 100 times over to relive that moment again.”


Details about his parents are not accessible or publicly known.


Jayden Archer’s girlfriend named is Beth King. He proposed to her, and the couple planned to marry later this year.

Jayden Archer girlfriend


Archer, a member of Nitro Circus, made history in 2022 as the first rider to successfully execute a triple backflip in competition.

Before rising to fame, Archer worked as an assistant mechanic, eventually becoming one of the sport’s prominent figures. His final triple backflip was performed at a Nitro Circus Live Show in Jay, Oklahoma, in June 2023.

Throughout his career, he achieved two X Games medals and served as a suspension technician and mechanic for Raceline Performance and Factory Husqvarna Racing in Australia.

Jayden Archer career

Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Jayo’s net worth was estimated to be $5 million.

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