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Dave Courtney Bio, Age, Parents, Wife, Career, Legal Case, Net Worth, Cause of Death, and More

Dave Courtney was an English self-proclaimed gangster who later pursued a career as an author and actor. Author Bernard O’Mahoney and former Richardson Gang member Frankie Fraser accused Courtney of exaggerating his criminal history and underworld status. However, Courtney consistently denied embellishing his past.

Courtney often highlighted his connections with notorious figures like Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean, despite being just a child when Kray was incarcerated. He asserted that he had survived numerous violent encounters, including shootings, stabbings, and even having his nose bitten off. Courtney went as far as to claim that a car crash on the M20 was an attempt on his life orchestrated by someone with a grudge against him.

Identifying himself as Dave Courtney OBE, with the acronym humorously standing for One Big Ego, he resided in a house named Camelot Castle in Plumstead. The dwelling was adorned with Union Jack flags, the cross of St George, and artistic portrayals of Courtney as a knight alongside a prominent knuckle duster.

Courtney professed involvement in debt collection, nightclub security, assault, smuggling, and even murder. He asserted having spent time in the high-security Belmarsh Prison, a claim supported by former prison guard Jim Dawkins in his book, *The Loose Screw*.

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Age-64 years

Height- 170cm


Born- 17 February 1959

Birth place- Bermondsey, London, England

Full name-David John Courtney

Dead- 22 October 2023

Death place- Plumstead, London, England

Spouse-Jenny Bean

Profession-Author, actor



Dave Courtney was born on 17 February 1959 in Bermondsey, London, England, UK. Patrick W J Courtney and Teresa Courtney were the parents of the late Dave Courtney. Limited information is available about them.


Courtney, married to Jenny Bean. Dave has been discreet about his marriage and has refrained from discussing personal details in the media. Although there are speculations suggesting that Jenny Bean might be involved in the music industry as a rapper, these claims remain unsubstantiated.

Dave Courtney wife


Acting Career

Primarily earning his livelihood through television documentaries and personal appearances, Courtney managed his own website and actively participated in charitable endeavors. He also contributed to film projects such as *Six Bend Trap* and *Clubbing To Death*, collaborating with actors Craig Charles and Nick Moran. In 2008, he featured in the film *The Dead Sleep Easy*, shot on location in Mexico.

Collaborating with Director Liam Galvin, Courtney produced two DVDs titled *Dave Courtney’s Dodgy DVD* and *Dave Courtney Even Dodgier*, both published by Gangster Videos. He continued his partnership with Galvin on the 2010 film *Killer Bitch* and the 2016 film *Mob Handed*.

Courtney’s involvement extended to the 2020 film *Mother’s Child*, where he portrayed club owner Mr. Townsend alongside Alex Reid. The movie was globally released on Amazon Prime, DVD, and Blu-ray platforms.


Courtney, an accomplished author, penned six published books: *Stop the Ride I Want to Get Off*, *Raving Lunacy*, *Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book*, *The Ride’s Back On*, *F**k the Ride*, and *Heroes & Villains*.

In the film arena, he showcased his talents not only as an actor but also as a producer. He played the leading role of Mad Dave alongside Manish Patel in the low-budget British film *Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees* (2003). Additionally, Courtney starred in and produced his own film, *Hell to Pay* (2005).

Dave Courtney career


  • Stop the Ride, I Want Off: 1999
  • Dodgy Dave’s Little Black Book: 2001
  • The Ride’s Back On: 2002
  • F**k the Ride: 2005
  • Dave Courtney’s Little Black Book: 2005
  • Dave Courtney’s Heroes and Villains: 2005
  • Raving Lunacy: Clubbed to Death – Adventures on the Rave Scene: 2000
  • Heroes and Villains: 2006
  • The British Crime and Prison Quiz Book: 2008
  • Dave Courtney’s Heroes – Signed: 2005


  • Mob Handed (2016)
  • Gangsters Gamblers Geezers (2016)
  • Full English Breakfast (2014)
  • Fraud (2011)
  • Killer Bitch (2010)
  • The Dead Sleep Easy (2008)
  • Clubbing to Death (2007)
  • Six Bend Trap (2006)
  • Hell to Pay (2005)
  • The Baby Juice Express (2004)
  • Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees (2003)
  • Dave Courtney’s Underworld (Documentary) (2000)
  • One in Something (1999)
  • The Krays (1990)

Dave Courtney’s Legal Case

In June 2004, Courtney was acquitted of allegations of assaulting his girlfriend, Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, following a dispute involving her lesbian partner.

In January 2009, he received an 18-month conditional discharge from Bristol Crown Court for possessing live ammunition without a firearms certificate. His claim of being unaware that the single live pistol round was real, not a prop, led Judge Ticehurst to comment on Courtney’s inability to differentiate between genuine and fake rounds, which, as the judge noted, might affect his credibility both on the street and on stage.

Dave Courtney legal case

By May 2009, Courtney had declared bankruptcy, reportedly owing £400,000 to creditors, including £250,000 in taxes.

On 29 July 2009, he was arrested and charged with possessing a prohibited weapon, specifically a Brocock Air Cartridge pistol, and having a firearm while being prohibited. The Brocock pistol was previously legal as an air-weapon; however, police concerns about its conversion into cartridge-firing firearms led to its ban. Courtney was detained in HMP Belmarsh on remand for the mentioned firearms offenses. On 10 December 2009, he was acquitted after the jury took just two hours to find him not guilty on all charges.

Net Worth 2023

Dave Courtney, once involved in criminal activities, possesses a net worth estimated at $30 million.

Cause of Death

Former London gangster-turned-author Dave Courtney has passed away at the age of 64. His life came to a tragic end at his home on Chestnut Rise, Plumstead, as announced on his Instagram account.

Dave Courtney death

The post revealed that Courtney had taken his own life in the early hours of Sunday, October 22nd, using a firearm at his Camelot Castle residence in Plumstead. His final moments were captured on Facebook, where he was seen watching Charlton Athletic’s match against Reading, enjoying a three-course meal at The Valley stadium.

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