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Tash Sultana, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, Mesmerizes Auckland Crowd

Tash Sultana, is an Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer, often hailed as a “one-person band,” gained global recognition with their 2016 single “Jungle,” securing the third position in Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown of that year.


Age- 28 years

Height- 1.7 m

Weight- 58 kg

Born- 15 June 1995

Birthplace-Melbourne, Australia

Spouse-Jamie Englewood

Profession-Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Nationality- Australian


Born and raised in Melbourne, Tash Sultana is of Maltese descent.Details about her parents are not known, receiving a guitar from their grandfather at the age of three.

Tash Sultana parents


Tash Sultana is in a relationship with Jamie Englewood, an online entrepreneur recognized for promoting handmade botanical goods, crystals, and jewelry through her Bohemian Spirit Collective website.

Tash Sultana girlfriend


At the age of 13, Tash Sultana participated in open mic nights up to six times a week across Victoria. In a June 2017 interview, Sultana shared plans for releasing their debut album in April 2018, followed by touring, recording a second album, another tour, and then taking a break to return to normal life. On 25 July 2017, Sultana announced the Homecoming Tour with performances in Adelaide, Sydney, Fremantle, Margaret River, Melbourne, and Noosa.

After the Homecoming Tour, Sultana continued working on their debut LP, Flow State. On 13 June 2018, a private Facebook message to selected fans revealed a video sneak peek of the new single “Salvation.” The single premiered on Triple J on 21 June 2018, and the album, Flow State, was released on 31 August 2018. In February 2019, Sultana played their biggest headlining Australian shows in support of Flow State.

In 2019, Sultana released the standalone single “Can’t Buy Happiness” in April and the collaborative track “Talk It Out” with Matt Corby in July. “Daydreaming,” a collaboration with Milky Chance, was the third single for 2019. In early 2020, Sultana announced recruitment for live session musicians and released the singles “Greed,” “Beyond The Pine,” and “Willow Tree.” On 22 January 2021, Sultana released the final single from Terra Firma, “Sweet & Dandy.”

In February 2022, Sultana announced a two-month tour of North America and released “Coma,” the lead single from the MTV Unplugged, Live in Melbourne album. In March 2023, “James Dean” was released as the lead single from an EP scheduled for 2023. In July 2023, “Bitter Lovers” was released, and Sugar was announced for 11 August 2023, marking Sultana’s music career that began through busking. Active on Bandcamp since 2013, Sultana’s recordings gained millions of views on YouTube in 2016, and the EP “Notion” was released in September 2016, followed by a sold-out world tour in early 2017.

Tash Sultana career

Tash Sultana’s Songs

  • Jungle – Album: Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 24(2017)
  • Pretty Lady – Album: Terra Firma( 2021)
  • Notion- Album: Notion EP(2016)
  • Talk It Out – Album: Talk It Out(2019)
  • Cigarettes- Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Big Smoke- Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Daydreaming – Album: Mind The Moon(2019)
  • Murder to the Mind – Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Greed- Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Mystik – Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Can’t Buy Happiness – Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Dream My Life Away- Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Harvest Love – Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Coma – Album: Terra Firma (2021)
  • Maybe You’ve Changed- Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Pink Moon- Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Synergy – Album: Notion EP( 2016)
  • Free Mind – Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Salvation- Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Blackbird- Album: Flow State(2018)
  • Willow Tree – Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Gemini – Album: Notion EP(2016)
  • Crop Circles – Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Blame It on Society – Album: Terra Firma(2021)
  • Sweet & Dandy- Album: Terra Firma (2021)
  • Let the Light In- Album: Musk(2021)
  • Beyond the Pine -Album: Terra Firma2021
  • Seed- Album: Flow State2018
  • Big Smoke, Pt. 1 – Album: Notion EP2016
  • Seven- Album: Flow State(2018)

Net Worth 2023

Tash Sultana has an estimated net worth of $115 million.

Tash Sultana Mesmerizes Auckland Crowd, Declares step-back from touring

Tash Sultana addressed the Spark Arena crowd minimally last night; instead, their music served as the expressive voice. A true virtuoso, the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter initially took the stage alone, evoking collective astonishment with their unparalleled mastery across instruments, skillfully layering each sound using loop pedals.

Tash Sultana Mesmerizes Auckland Crowd Declares step-back from touring

Throughout the performance, there were moments that left me breathless, and instances where my inhalation paused, only realizing I had been holding it as the tension in a riff was finally released. Familiar with Sultana’s previous shows, I anticipated complexity on every instrument, unwavering focus, and high notes capable of bringing down the house. However, this time, the psychedelic indie rocker surpassed expectations with an even more captivating performance.

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