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Steven Bartlett Bio, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, and More

Steven Bartlett is a British-Nigerian entrepreneur and podcast host, founded Thirdweb, Flight Story, and Flight Story Fund. While he co-founded and served as co-CEO of Social Chain, he transitioned from the CEO role in 2020. In 2021, he joined the BBC One program Dragons’ Den as an investor.


Age- 31 years

Full name-Steven Cliff Bartlett

Height- 1.8m

Weight- 83 kg

Born- 26 August 1992


Profession-Investor Entrepreneur

Nationality- British


Graham Bartlett and Esther Bartlett are the parents of Steven Cliff Bartlett. His father is English and his mother is Nigerian. Steven’s mother, Esther, left school at the age of seven and faced challenges with reading and writing. Meanwhile, his father, Graham, is a structural engineer.

Steven Bartlett bio


His girlfriend is Melanie Vaz Lopes, an influencer originating from Bordeaux, France. Melanie manages a beauty and wellness enterprise and holds expertise as a reiki master. Additionally, she authored a raw and vegan recipe book and a sports and nutrition manual titled Booty Academy.

Steven Bartlett girlfriend


In 2013, Bartlett established Wallpark, an online messaging board. He reached out to Dominic McGregor, the creator of the Student Problems Twitter account, in an effort to promote Wallpark. The following year, Bartlett co-founded Social Chain, a social media marketing firm based in Manchester, England, alongside McGregor. In 2017, he launched The Diary of a CEO podcast series, featuring guests such as Liam Payne and Tom Blomfield. By 2021, it became Europe’s most downloaded business podcast, hosting notable figures like Ben Francis, Lee Chambers, Grace Beverley, Matt Hancock, and Jordan Peterson. A podcast chart in 2023 ranked The Diary of a CEO as having the second largest weekly audience in the United Kingdom.

In 2019, Social Chain merged with German online retailer Lumaland to form The Social Chain AG, which went public on Xextra and the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, valuing the company at over $200 million. Bartlett initially claimed on his website that he took Social Chain public at age 27 and left after it reached a $600 million valuation, but these claims were retracted following a report by The Times.

In February 2023, Social Chain was acquired by Brave Bison for an initial sum of £7.7 million. Bartlett also appeared on the Channel 4 series The Secret Teacher in 2019, teaching incognito at a school near Liverpool.

In December 2020, he founded the private equity firm Catena Capital and joined the board of directors of Huel, a £72 million food replacement company, as a non-executive director. Bartlett also became a member of the BBC One investment program Dragons’ Den in 2021.

In September 2023, Bartlett became an advocate for Prince William’s foundation, Homewards, accompanying the royal on visits to Bournemouth.

Steven Bartlett career

Net Worth

Steven Bartlett’s estimated net worth exceeds $200 million.

Steven Bartlett’s Projects

Thirdweb, a Web3 startup established by Bartlett, secured $5 million in seed funding and an additional $24 million in 2022, just nine months after its launch. During the Series A funding round, the startup was valued at $160 million. Leading the funding was Katie Haun’s $1.5 billion crypto fund, with notable participation from investors like Coinbase Ventures, Shopify, and Polygon. The company’s objective is to streamline the development of decentralized applications on the blockchain.

In January 2023, Bartlett introduced Flight Story Fund, a $100 million investment fund for technology. This fund is dedicated to supporting diverse founders and high-growth startups across various sectors including blockchain, biotech, health, commerce, technology, and space. The fund aims to invest in approximately 20 companies, providing small stakes at discounted valuations in exchange for support from previous founders who act as limited partners in the fund.

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